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Tree Work

Our experienced tree surgeons provide expert tree maintenance including crown reduction and felling, in Edinburgh, Lothians and The Borders. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have about maintaining young and aged trees.

Tree Felling & Tree Surgery

Occasionally, trees must be removed for a number of reasons i.e. diseased, dangerous trees, trees that may have become too large or too close to properties etc.

Crown reduction and thinning

Reducing the crown of the tree can help to reduce wind resistance which effectively reduces the risk of wind damage and uprooting. An attractive, well-balanced shape can be achieved enhancing the trees aesthetics within the landscape or garden.

Crown lifting

Lifting the crown simply means removing the lower branches to a chosen height. This may be for a number of reasons i.e. traffic, road signs, views etc.

Crown cleaning

The removal of dead, crossing or secondary branches preventing the sail effect when in leaf, thereby allowing the wind to blow through the crown which reduces wind resistance.

Hedge reduction and trimming

This can be classed as one of our specialities and we pride ourselves as one of the best in this industry. We undertake hedge cutting and shaping on some of the largest estates and gardens in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Our experience covers conifer, privet, yew and various other species that are grown as screens or simply features within the garden.

Shrub pruning

The shaping and maintenance of any large or small shrubs within the garden. We have over 25years experience in this industry and know how the various species should look and be pruned to get the best out of them.

Stump removal

We provide a stump grinding service to remove tree stumps altogether. We can deal with any size stump in most locations.

Residential and Commercial work

We undertake all aspects of tree work including small gardens, communal gardens, large estates and commercial properties.

Firewood and logs

Occasionally our customers ask us to process the trees we remove into firewood/logs.